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Starter Wine Making Kit

If you are vegan or just want to live a more natural lifestyle, you may be concerned about having up to 60 of the unnecessary  FDA approved additives and chemicals  in the commercial wine you drink. And, yes, wine is made from fruit, but the animal byproducts used in the clearing process, as well as the charred animal bones used to refine white sugar, make it difficult for vegans and other health conscious individuals to find wine that appeals to their lifestyle. 

When you learn to make your own delicious wine at home you have full control over what goes into it and can make it as natural, vegan or organic as you like! Natural wine made by you is so much fun to discover. And with our starter kit, which comes complete with an easy to follow instruction and recipe booklet, you'll be able to make five bottles at a time while always keeping the next 5 in rotation! Just add fruit! 

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Wine Making Class
winemaking kit


If you've ever wanted to learn how to make natural wine, while saving money and impressing friends with your own wine brand, join me for a virtual wine making class after you purchase a  winemaking kit that's perfect for beginners!  During our fun, yet thorough class from the comfort of your own  kitchen, I will  guide you through the fundamentals of making "vegan friendly" wine without all the unnecessary chemicals and animal byproducts used in commercial winemaking. Even more exciting, I will help you start your first batch!

After you purchase your kit, email for an invitation to one of my Virtual Winemaking Classes that best fit your schedule.