​​The Sip+Make+Take® Box - Not able to attend our creative workshops in Atlanta, Charlotte or Orlando? Well this is your lucky day! We now offer a curated box of awesome DIY projects delivered to your door with amazing specialty drink recipes from Atlanta's favorite mobile mixologist, Pour Decisions™ 

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Vino's Chick® LLC -
parent company, wine and lifestyle brand catering to women who love wine, while specializing in social events, DIY creative workshops and value added partnerships.

Vino's Chick® wine is handcrafted by self taught wine maker and founder,  Tonii Turner. Tonii believes in the "each one teach one" concept and enjoys teaching other women the fundamentals of wine making in a fun and relaxed party environment. 


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Chick Rocks by Vino's Chick® #crXvc collection of wine accessories specializes in handcrafted wine glass covers designed to stylishly keep the flies and debris out of your beloved wine. CRxVC also introduces you to wine glass charms with matching bracelets so you'll never lose track of your wine glass again. Chick Rocks by Vino's Chick® mission is to design unique and fabulous wine accessory products using as many reclaimed, re-purposed and sustainable materials as possible.




Chick's Creative Studio is located in Peachtree Corners, GA (just north of Atlanta) and hosts our Sip+Make+Take® events.  We are a craft clubhouse and creative studio available for rental and  private parties. Email us at info@vinoschick.com for availability. Follow us on Facebook.

Sip+Make+Take® is our fun and creative DIY craft club. If you love sippin' stuff, DIY and makin' stuff while relaxing and making new friends, takin' home (and showin' off) the fly and functional stuff you make then come on in.  Have a seat.  Sip! Relax! Now let's start makin' fab stuff. So glad you could join us! Catch an event in Atlanta, Charlotte or Orlando with a new and amazing upcycle, craft,  do it yourself project and new friends!

​​​Pocket Change™ - Gorgeous and meaningful glass "note to self" affirmation gems inspired by the loving memory and senseless murder of our baby boy, Akeem Turner. Your support not only puts CHANGE in your pocket but also helps send loving comfort to other mothers of murdered sons.


RIP Akeem Turner{4/26/96-10/14/17}. True love never dies