who's that chick?

Meet the winemaker #imthewinemaker

i'm tonii two i turner, the chick in the pictures. who are you?

i'm a free spirit who walks in thru the out door, vino's main squeeze, crossed somewhere between martha stewart and robert mondavi {except i'm very chocolately : see pics again for reference} and all kinds of other stuff. but the true essence of this here chick is reflected in my creative soul and love of all things vino. i love every single thing about the grape and what it becomes after being married to yeast for a good while. i love the putrid smell of the rotten fruit as I artfully control the spoilage. aahhh! a stinky wine room is the delight of every passionate wine maker. that's how we know good things are on the horizon.

people often ask how I got involved in the art and science of wine making. the simple answer is that my love for vino naturally evolved into curiosity and I began researching the process. the rest is mystory. i mean, herstory. Ummmm..history....? Why does it have to be his?

while my first batch of chardonnay was definitely a learning experience, I am proud to say that since 2010 I have almost perfected the process and the small batch wines that I share with friends and family are always a hit!

in addition to chardonnday, I've made pinot blanc, pinot noir, pinot grigio, merlot, cabernet sauvingnon, sauvingnon blanc, chianti and the list has and will continue to go on. i'm a wine lover, not a wine snob so i don't stick to a script. i absolutely enjoy making non-traditional wines as well. some of my all time favorites are ginger,banana, coconut, apple, strawberry, lime ginger and blends and infusions of them all.

catch me in my lil world sippin' stuff, diy, makin' stuff, wine events and more sippin' stuff.