​There is a reason you never see an angry hula hooper.  Actually, there are many.

  For me, hooping is meditative, therapeutic, fun, physically energizing, and spiritually awakening. In no particular order.
Adult hooping is also an exciting and effective way for people of all ages and sizes to get an amazing workout while having fun. I’ve read that you can burn 400-600 calories by hooping from 30 minutes

to an hour and when I tell you that I have hooping fever, believe that!
Everybody loves hula hooping and anyone can do it with the right size hoop. 

In this fun workshop/class, we’ll discuss the history, as well as the amazing physical and therapeutic benefits of hula hooping before constructing and decorating/designing our hoops. Since the size of a hoopers hoop is of utmost importance, we’ll spend time sizing then proceed to customize/decorate our hoops with fabric strips, patterned  paper, sparkly tape, bling, etc. There will be many designs and patterns to chose from as well as the option to make your hoop weighted or collapsible. Also,  I'll show you how to collapse your hoop for travel.
While your hoops are drying,  lets pick hoops out of my arsenal, have a sip, head outdoors then practice hooping!

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Wine Making Class
Adult Hula Hooping

​Because hula hooping is not just for kids any more.

Join us June 5th for some fun, casual networking,

core toning  and hip swiveling.

Come find your flow

with a twist of

those hips


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Ifyou've ever wanted to learn how to make natural wine, while saving money and impressing friends with your own wine brand, come  have fun with us while I guide you through the fundamentals of making "vegan friendly" wine without all the unnecessary chemicals!  When you take home your complete starter kit  (included with $65 registration) you'll be on the path to making delicious wine with fruit that is easily accessible to you! 

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Adult Hula Hooping


Join us for this fun workshop making gorgeous bath-trays using upcycled shutters and other repurposed materials. Various paint colors and handles to chose from. All materials are included. Pre-registration required. Click image to join us or click here to register via Eventbrite ​SIP.Make Bathtray