winemaking party
Wine Making Class

Dahlonega Winemaking Studio is coming to North Georgia’s Wine Country summer 2022! We’re a Home Winemaker's Center and host fun winemaking parties, classes and so many other creative events. Our winemaking studio will also be a local source for small batch winemaking supplies, ingredients, kits and mentoring (if you’re new to winemaking). We welcome and love private parties, so gather your crew (your boo can come too) and book a fun girl’s day or night out at Dahlonega Winemaking Studio!


We've been hosting winemaking parties since 2014 but are super excited to host our first winemaking party at our Dahlonega Winemaking Studio, Labor Day weekend! Did you know that we offer 3 tiers of fun winemaking events/classes?Bottle girl 2 is the most popular for girls night out and it's the one we'll feature Labor Day weekend.

Bottle Girl 2: All hands on deck! Group learns to sort and prepare fruit, going on to make 1500 ML of wine must for each guest (2 full size wine bottles) to take home in 2 liter containers and let ferment for 4-6 weeks. 

Bottle Girl 5 Rot: Each guest will purchase Vino's Chick winemaking kit for beginners and learn to make small batch wine in their one gallon container, taking home must to ferment and make 5 delicious bottles with the projected abv chosen.

Bottle Babe 30: Learn to make wine by fermenting fruit in a 6 gallon bucket. Leave it at the studio to ferment 4 to six weeks than return to bottle, cork and label. Split the batch with friends or come alone and have all 30 bottles to yourself!

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